Sonic Producer Review

Sonic Producer is one of the most popular online beat generators. Technology has made music creation easier than it has ever been. Even novices can create amazing music compositions and productions using online beat mixers. You no longer have to create music from scratch unless you really want to. Sonic producer has thousands of sound beats and effects to choose from. You can choose chords, kicks, loops and many other effects from this extensive variety of sounds.

Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer can be used by all ages and all lovers of music to create high quality music. Almost every taste and genre of music is catered for. It has a sound library. You are presented with sixteen tracks on a timeline. You can select any combination of sound effects and beats from the sound library and place them on the timeline on the tracks you want to use. You can then sequence them the way you would like. You can change the tempo and volume on the tracks and so on. Sonic Producer has its own keyboard and drum pad from which you can access different sounds.

If you are new to music production, this may appear overwhelming. However the Sonic Producer comes with rich video tutorials to guide you through the various processes step by step. Once you have completed making a composition, you can save it in MP3 format on your hard drive. It is up to you what you do with it. You can give it away or sell it or just use it for your own enjoyment…

Sonic Producer is an online beat generator and not a desktop application. This may appear as a disadvantage. However it is also an advantage in several ways. You can use it with any operating system e.g. Windows, Linux and Mac OS. You can also access the software from any location. Any updates are available immediately i.e. you do not have to download and update on your desktop. Finally you can share ideas and learn from other users online. In case you still need help with something, support staffs are available to assist you.

Click Here for a Sonic Producer Demonstration

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